Overcoming “Tough Times”: A Different Kind of Cinderella Story

 I love stories of individuals who overcome the odds, who fight through tragedy-and prevail, and, most of all destroy the myths that certain events in life must “scar” or otherwise “traumatize” us.

If you’ve been following me for long, you know I am crazy about classic rock and 80’s music, and the band Cinderella is one band that I have been grooving to for a quarter of a century, now. Tom Keifer, lead singer for the band, offers another little bit of inspiration for us, when we slip into thinking times are “hard”.

Think about this for a moment; you are the lead singer of one of the hottest bands of the 80’s, and after completing a wildly successful tour, you discover that your voice is gone. Of course, you likely panic, and seek medical attention, having several surgeries to correct your vocal cords…and the surgeries fail. Shortly thereafter, your mother dies of cancer, your band breaks up, and you and your wife of several years divorce.

 Sounds like a load, right? I would agree that it IS a load; I would also agree that it’s no surprise, to me, that Tom Keifer of Cinderella ( who this all happened to) and the rest of the band got back together, and in 2006, were one of the most successful acts on the road averaging 20,000 fans per night! Events are events, and what happens after ANY event is the result of how we PROCESS that event. Some lie down and die, crying the “poor me” song. Others, shed a few tears, come up swinging, and get their a%^ back in the saddle. Guess what Tom chose?!

In 2008, Tom’s left vocal cord “blew out” during a performance, once again grinding his career to a halt. Guess what, they are touring now, in 2010, and pulling folks in left and right once again.

Tom did experience a bout of “depression”…or a period where he was having lots of depressing thoughts and feelings, but the events of his life did not determine his future, or cause him to throw in the towel.

The next time you tell someone about something that happened to you, and they say “Oh my, I’ve heard that kind of thing will ‘scar’ you forever!” Look at them with a gentle smile and say “No, but that THOUGHT is going to SCAR you forever!”

Now, I’ve got to go, because I have a pair of faded jeans –ripped and with holes- that I need to find to wear to the Cinderella Concert!

© Copyright-2010-Vincent Harris-All Rights Reserved.


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