The Real Danger of The Law of Attraction

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One Comment on “The Real Danger of The Law of Attraction”

  1. Wildan Says:

    Watching this video, what just came into my mind is one short story from Paulo Coelho:

    A pious man found himself suddenly deprived of all of his wealth. Knowing that God would help him no matter what, he began to pray:

    ” Lord, please let me win the lottery, ” he asked. He
    prayed for years and years, but was still poor. One day he died, and since he was a very pious man, he went straight to heaven.

    When he arrived there, he refused to enter. He said that he had lived his entire life according to his religious teachings, and that God had never allowed him to win the lottery.

    ” Everything You promised me was a lie, ” the man said, disgusted.”

    ” I was always ready to help you win, ” the Lord responded. ” But, no matter how much I wanted to do so, you never bought a lottery ticket. “

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