Body Language: The “Truthful” Feet

The feet are known as the most honest part of the body. Why? It’s quite simple. See, when someone is bent on masking or covering their true feelings or emotions, they’ll most often try to do so by controlling or altering their facial expressions. Because human attention is so limited, when they are focused on controlling their face, they become even less aware of the other areas of their body. Thus, the feet can be a dead giveaway.

The next time you are watching two people talk, take a close look at their feet. When the two people are both truly interested in each other, their feet will likely be pointing at each other. However, if one of them happens to be bored, less than excited, or simply not interested in the other, you’ll probably see that they have their torso facing the other person, but their feet will be angled away.

Quite often, they’ll have one foot aiming straight ahead, with the other one pointing out to the side, forming an “L” shape.

All of these foot positions that involve the feet being pointed away from the other person are an unconscious “leak”; they are tired of the conversation and would like to leave.

When you see this in someone you are talking to, either change the tempo quickly and get their full attention, or wrap things up, and set a time to meet again soon, when perhaps, you’ll have a better shot at getting them more fully involved.

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