Illegal Immigration and Body Language

I love this clip for several reasons. First, O’Reilly and Rivera have opposing views on the topic of illegal immigration, and they are both very passionate about their position.

The main reason I chose this clip, however, is so you can see how the “finger point” goes from an infrequent gesture, to an all out finger-pointing contest as the intensity of this heated debate cranks up.

O’Reilly uses the finger point a lot; he is a very domineering guy, and at 6 feet 6 inches tall, he literally towers over most of his guests-even while seated. But as much as he uses this gesture, it’s never as frequent as you’ll see towards the end of this clip.

Now, as far as the finger point is concerned, it’s typically not something you want to use, especially if you are trying to build rapport with someone, or an audience, for example. There are strategies I teach where the finger point is very effective, but for the person without training, it’s best to avoid it.

In one study, one audience watched a speaker giving a short presentation using an open hand, palms up gesture. The approval rating of the speaker was over 80%. Then, another group was asked to watch the same speaker, but this time, the speaker peppered it with a frequent use of the finger point. The approval rating took a nose dive to 26%!

I hope you enjoy watching this clip. I can feel my testosterone spike every time  I watch it. Enjoy!

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