Blumenthal: Case Study of Liar

As you watch the clip above, you will get the opportunity to hear a couple of things that probably would not have meant much to you, unless someone pointed them out.

Many people get so caught up in watching someone’s facial expressions, for example, that they miss out on an insane amount of signals coming from others places.

In case you didn’t know, Blumenthal had been caught on video saying “When I served in Vietnam..” One BIG problem; he didn’t. In fact, even though he was in the Marines, he was Stateside the whole time.

In the clip above, at 3:34 he says “On a few occasions, I have misspoken about my service, and I regret that, and I take full responsibility.”

If you listen to his voice inflection, you will hear it go “Up” after the word “service” and again after “regret that”. When we ask a question, we use an upward inflection, when we make a firm statement, we usually have a downward inflection. He has a firm downward inflection after he says “..and I take full responsibility for that”

What do I make of this? It’s rather doubtful that he regrets saying he served in Vietnam, and he is doubtful that he really even did anything wrong. He does, however, regret getting caught, and that is why he is so firm on “taking full responsibility”

Also, on the verbal side of things, notice his choice of words in this comment, that comes towards the end. “I will not allow anyone to take a few misplaced words and…..” A few misplaced words? Uhhh, you lied. You were not there, and said that you were.

Among those like myself that have specialized in detecting deception and reading both verbal and non-verbal cues, like F.B.I. Agents doing an interrogation, this is called “minimization”; this is taking something like “I lied” and changing it to “a few misplaced words. We do this when we are uncomfortable about something. We don’t “kill” our pets when they are old and ill, we “put them to sleep”, and by engaging in this type of minimization and self-deception, we feel better about what we have done.

Make up your own mind, maybe you think he “slipped” and is a really good guy. Maybe he is, but frankly, I wouldn’t trust the guy to walk my dog.

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