Body Language: Stop Being “Politically Correct” and Touch

Political correctness drives me insane! With each passing year, we find that there are even more “rules” about what we can say, or do. The idea that we aren’t “supposed” to touch other people is one that has had many people fearful to touch someone else.

I touch almost all of the time; the ability to make a connection-truly make a connection-is amplified immensely when we make physical contact with another.

While chatting, simply reach out and lightly touch the other persons elbow, back of hand, or lower arm. Look, if someone is bent ruining someone¬†else’s life by making a sexual harassment claim, they’ll fail, miserably, unless they say “Hey, that bothers me..DON’T do it!” If they do, then, of course, stop, but don’t let that prevent you from using this powerful tool to quickly and deeply establish rapport with others.

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