Shining Shoes..ALL of Them!

An important, but often forgotten part of nonverbal communication is what we happen to be wearing. The shoes we have on when we are “dressed up” tell others a great deal about us. Actually, that’s a lie. Our shoes don’t say a damn thing about us, but the people who are looking at our shoes will make certain judgments about us based on the condition and/or appearance of our shoes.

Remember, if you are going to take the time to shine your shoes, don’t just shine the toes-the part you see. Most people will be looking at your shoes from the side, or even from behind you. In either case, the heel or back of your shoes will be visible. Make sure your shoes look good from ALL angles and you’ll increase the likelihood that the meaning others attach to your shoes-and YOU-will be favorable.

© Copyright 2010-Vincent Harris-All Rights Reserved.

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