Body Language: Did They Really Think It Was Funny?

Have you ever told someone a joke, only to have them laugh in such a way, that you couldn’t really tell whether they “got it”? Forget about their laugh and pay attention to their eyes.

Using an eye tracking device, humor psychologist Richard Lewis, had volunteers look at cartoons in the New Yorker magazine. With the device, Lewis was not only able to track eye movement, but observe pupil dilation as well.

Lewis found that the subject’s pupils would dilate approximately ½ second after they had looked directly at the part of the cartoon where the “punch line” or funny part would become obvious to those who “got it”.

Unlike a laugh, pupil dilation cannot be faked. They either “get it” or they don’t.

While the eyes may, or may not be the window to the soul, they certainly reveal a great deal of information for those who are watching closely.

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One Comment on “Body Language: Did They Really Think It Was Funny?”

  1. Swapna Says:

    Nice post. Keep on posting.

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