The Body Language Triad

When you say “Body Language” it usually conjures up thoughts about one of two areas. 1. Watching the body language of OTHER people. 2. Altering our own body language for the impact it will have on those around us. Both areas can be very useful to most anyone.

 There is, however, another area; an area that I think wields the most potential of the three: methodically altering our body language and physiology for the impact it has on US.

At the core, most of the complaints that people have-about anything-ultimately come down to how they feel. They feel depressed, sad, or angry, for example, and without knowing it, they are seeking a change in state, more than anything else.

Yes, someone may be ticked off about the increase in prices at their favorite eating establishment, but it’s not the price increase, as much as it is how they FEEL about the price increase. It is this unsettling or less than enjoyable feeling they desire to change, even if they are convinced that what they really want are the old prices back.

Fortunately, changing how we feel, once we know what tools to use for leverage, can be fairly simple and quick. There is nothing I know of that will change how someone feels any faster than getting them to change their physiology, or how they are using their body.

I don’t care what someone is feeling, if they radically change the variables of their breathing pattern, what they had been feeling WILL change.  Respiration patterns, when altered, impact our biochemistry in a profound and immediate way.

We have, at our disposal, facial expressions, voice qualities, gesturing, postures, breathing, the list goes on and on. Each of these, when modified, will result in a significant change of state and how we are feeling.

 While learning to read others or using our body language to influence someone, else certainly has its place, I think most people will get the most “bang for the buck” by focusing, first, on leaning to change their own body language to have more control over what THEY are feeling.

 It’s no mistake that breathing has been an area of focus with meditation for centuries. This is a good place to start for those interested in body language applied-to-self as well. Have fun, go slow- or fast- whichever one suits you, and watch what happens to your ability to change from a low quality feeling to one with more pizzazz. Enjoy!

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