Body Language: “Two-Way Face”?

While most everyone would agree that our emotions can generate certain facial expressions, far fewer people know about, or take advantage of the fact that it works the other way as well.

Changes in our facial expressions (and other body movements) will initiate involuntary changes at the level of the Autonomic Nervous System, thus the emotions that result, in this case, rise from the facial expression we are making.

The significance of this is profound. It means that through a voluntary action (deciding on the facial expression we make) we can trigger the involuntary change of our choice…or something very close.

Start paying attention to the faces you have been making unconsciously. Studies show that if you have been unconsciously making frequent facial expressions of anger or contempt, for example, that you have also been experiencing those emotions to varying degrees.

Rather than seeking to change “someone” or “something” (which you may, or may not be able to do) why not start by changing the habitual facial expressions you’ve been making? Doing so will initiate, and create, radically different emotional responses.

With a different emotional response, the “someone” or “something” you had previously thought you needed to change, will most likely seem to have already changed a great deal.

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