Women Think Your Scar is Sexy: Body Language Quirks

Body language is more than body posture and gestures alone. Millions of dollars are spent each year on cosmetic surgery. Many will pay more to have a small 1 inch scar on their face “blended” or “erased” than they will to remodel their home. If you’re a man, however, you may be well advised ( depending on your desired outcome) to leave any scars you may have on your face, right where they are.

Researchers at Liverpool and Stirling University found that women in the Western world find men with scars on their face sexier, and more attractive, than men without scars-in short term relationships, that is.Women who were looking for a long term relationship partner found men without scars to be more attractive.

As it turns out, the scars are unconscious symbols of a very masculine man with above average levels of testosterone. The part of a womens brain that processes the scars in less than 1/10 of a second finds this “badge of courage” symbol to be an ideal match for the short, sweet, and physical relationship she is seeking. Conversely, a man with scars would “frighten” her higher thinking brain; “how on earth can I keep him at home and involved with the children if he is driven to seek other women by his outrageous testosterone levels?” she may wonder. “Clearly, a more subdued and docile version of a man would be best for a husband” she concludes.

Not too surprisingly, when men were asked to look at pictures of women- both with scars, and without- they found the women in the two groups to be equally attractive for both short-term and long-term relationships.

Now, wouldn’t it be interesting to know whether the movie “Scar Face” is watched more by women than men? 🙂

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