Are Microwave Ovens the Cause of Depression?

The pharmaceutical giants have successfully convinced the masses that depression is caused by an imbalance of serotonin. Yet, millions of dollars have been dumped into research in this area, and to date, not one of those studies has presented us with irrefutable evidence that serotonin imbalances are the cause of depression. In fact, there are more options, when it comes to available, antidepressants than at any other time in history, but the statistics on depression indicate that more people are depressed than ever before.

Oh, I can hear it now. “But Vince, it only makes sense that more people are depressed than ever before, we are living in very trying times; things are tougher than they’ve ever been!” If you have been reading After Hour’s for very long, you know I’m the last person you’d want to tell something as ridiculous as that. Let’s just take a look at a couple of things to see how much “tougher” things are today. Yesterday while cleaning out the chicken coop I smashed my finger. In 1900 that same finger could have led to my eventual death; prior to antibiotics men, women and children routinely died from the infection of a blister. I rest easily knowing, that, if my finger would happen to get develop an infection, antibiotics are available to save my life. In 1900, a thunderstorm could rapidly transform into a deadly twister that would demolish my home, and everyone inside. In 2008, I can be jolted from my dreams long before the tornado strikes, by my $29.95 Radio Shack Weather Radio.

 I won’t argue the fact that life, for most people, is more stressful today. A lot of that has to do with the expectations of a society that moves faster every day. But to those who would profess that life is more difficult? Sorry, but I just can’t buy into that one. Need I go on? Clearly, life is more convenient now than it has ever been- and  according to some emerging research, that may very well be a big part of the the problem.  

I’ll post more on this soon!

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